Turnkey Real Estate Investing Made Easy


Control your costs and bid your jobs more accurately for 

managing your fleet and repairs.


7 Advantages Of Real Estate Investing For Entrepreneurs

1. Immediate positive cash flow

2. Tax deductions and lower rates

3. Tax savings through an IRA

4. Long-term appreciation

5. Control over your investment

6. Debt leverage

7. Positive community impact

You work hard for your money, but does your money work hard for you? When you store your cash under your mattress (or in a bank if you aren't a weirdo), it will produce next to nothing. However, when you put money into an investment, your dollars go to work for you, and as history has shown, one of the greatest transfers of measurable, passive wealth has always been Real Estate. 

At REIN VESTORS GROUP we work hard in locating, negotiating, and financially structuring the best "turnkey" investments for our portfolio and for our clients throughout the southeast United States. 

We have a huge host of investment - portfolio properties, and full funding exit strategies that will benefit not only the novice investor, but also the more experienced, savvy investor.